Traineeships are an important instrument in the transition from university studies to the workplace, because they make it possible to integrate the knowledge acquired during your university studies with hands-on work experience and practical knowledge of the sort that can only be acquired on the job. They provide students with an opportunity to see for themselves how they measure up to the requirements of the workplace, while also allowing them first-hand access to professional practice. Traineeships are thus a useful way to get oriented toward the realities of the workplace and to assess your career objectives; they also enhance employability

Since university studies in the Italian context were radically overhauled approximately 15 years ago, with the consequent introduction of so-called “formative credits” (crediti formativi), traineeships have become an integral part of the curriculum of many courses of study (tirocinio curriculare; art. 10 del D.M. 3/11/99 n. 509).

Our Department attributes considerable importance to bridging the transition to the workplace and thus includes a traineeship in all of the courses of study offered. The activities on the basis of which such credits are attributed and the number of credits attributed to traineeships vary according to the individual course of studies.

For information about how to go about activating a traineeship and about what procedures must be followed in order to have the credits recognized by your course of studies, please consult the webpages dedicated specifically to your course of studies (see below; in Italian).