In addition to first-cycle (three year) and second-cycle (two year) degree courses (respectively: laurea triennale or laurea magistrale), the University of Siena also offers Masters courses (normally one year, 60 credits) that can be attended after completing a first or second-level degree. The post-graduate offerings also include scuole di specializzazione and doctoral (PhD) programmes, in-service training courses (corsi di aggiornamento professionale), pre-service training courses (corsi di formazione) e Summer schools. The University is also responsible for State exams that provide professional qualifications necessary for certain professions (esami di Stato di abilitazione all'esercizio delle professioni) and pre-service training for secondary school teachers (so-called Tirocini Formativi Attivi). While most of these post-graduate offerings are taught in Italian, some are in English.
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