Starting university study is a decisive moment in a student’s progress towards reaching autonomy and independence.  Like many situations of transition and growth, the beginning of university life can bring about uncertainties and/or difficulties. For this reason, the university offers a series of activities to accompany and facilitate students as they enter the new world of higher education.   
Student and Departmental tutors will help you in compiling your study programs, in preparing for exams, in using the university library, and in taking advantage of all of the services the university makes available to you.



The transition to the workplace is an important step to which the Department dedicates particular attention. Through training programs designed to introduce graduating students to the different professions, and through the organization of internships with different companies, the university-to-workplace orientation activities aim to facilitate the transition from university studies to the working world.
The Department organizes group meetings, workshops and seminars aimed at helping students develop their individual career plans and professional future. The objective is to help the students find an ideal connection between their area of study and their future profession, and to consolidate soft skills (how to work within a group, how to prepare for a job interview, how to put together a curriculum vitae For more information, see the following links.



To help you decide what to study after high school, the Department makes available a ‘menu of services’ that can be downloaded at the link below. Here you will find a list of all of the services for families and students provided by the University of Siena and our Department to help facilitate you in making this important decision.
For example, you can:
1. Participate in a personalized orientation interview in which professors answer all of your and your parents’ questions (check the calendar for available dates in the link below);
2. Meet student ‘experts’ who are currently attending university and share their experiences within the university context in an informal setting where you will feel more at ease (see “tutor” link below);
3. Attend short emersion internships and training sessions (Percorsi di Qualità) at the university by participating in lessons, seminars and laboratories that will help you understand how and what to study at the university level;
4. Participate in an ‘Open Day’ at the university during the month of February at the Pionta Campus (together with your classmates you will be welcomed to visit the classrooms, the library, the laboratories, the services) while meeting university students and professors;
5. Organize activities that involve your whole high-school class. For example, it is possible to ask university professors to hold a thematic lesson on a topic of particular interest, to participate in one of the open days organized at the university (during the month of February) to make the campus and its services known to the public, to ask that an orientation point be activated within your school.