Opportunities for study abroad (Erasmus, other)

In addition to the support provided by the University of Siena’s central offices, there is an office on the Arezzo campus which helps students select their desired destinations and plan a period of study abroad. Programmes include: Erasmus Plus (Erasmus for studies; Erasmus for traineeship), Erasmus Mundus, bilateral international agreements between European and extra-European universities), scholarships help students attend summer English courses in the UK.
The Department delegate for Internationalization is prof. Anne Schoysman; the administrative person to contact for information and support is Lucia Salvatore (see E-mail link below).

Erasmus students from other European countries interested in coming to study in Arezzo can also contact Lucia Salvatore at the same address.


Study Abroad Office (Arezzo)
Viale Cittadini, palazzina dell’Orologio
tel. +39 0575 926223
fax +39 0575 926261
email didattica.dsfuci@unisi.it
opening hours:
- Monday and Wednesday 9-13.30
- Tuesday 14-15.30 su appuntamento (via mail a didattica.dsfuci@unisi.it)
- Thursday 14-15.30
- Friday 9.30-12.30 su appuntamento (via mail a didattica.dsfuci@unisi.it)