Quality assurance

In order to assure high-quality teaching and research, the University of Siena has adopted a Quality Assurance System, coordinated and managed by the Quality Assurance Unit (Presidio della Qualità di Ateneo).


In addition to this central unit for the university as a whole, the quality of teaching and research is monitored on a departmental level, by the following figures and organs:

1) Delegate for Teaching Quality and Enhancement (Responsabile Qualità per la Didattica)
2) Delegate for Research Quality and Enhancement (Responsabile Qualità per la Ricerca)
3) Joint Faculty-Student Committee (Commissione Paritetica Docenti-Studenti)
4) Course of Studies Quality Assurance Committees (Gruppi di gestione Qualità dei Corsi di Studio)


The Department of Education, Human Sciences and Intercultural Communication has enacted a management plan specifically designed to assure and enhance teaching and research quality, and to guarantee public dissemination and impact of research results. Quality Assurance is a dynamic process, and the principles and methods used to monitor it necessarily evolve over time.


As regards teaching, the Department:
- periodically monitors the match between course offerings and the local, national and international job markets, in order to assure an appropriate fit between educational objectives and career opportunities;
- guarantees that teaching quality is well-documented, verifiable and assessable;
- supports ongoing self-assessment and quality enhancement on the part of Degree courses;
- facilitates access to pertinent and clear information on the part of students, families and other relevant stakeholders.


As regards research, the Department:
- actively supports and encourages teaching and research staff  in applying for research funding and in participating in international research networks;
- promotes international mobility programmes;
- monitors individual scientific production, in order to avoid the presence of inactive members of staff.


As regards the so-called “Third Mission” (research dissemination and public impact), the Department:
- supports the dissemination of research results, with particular attention to their potential social relevance;
- supports contacts and collaborations with cultural institutions operating in Arezzo and in Tuscany in general;
- carries out activities aimed at the diffusion of scientific knowledge, including through local and national media;
- promotes and enhances continuing adult education.

Relevant legislation and documents (in Italian)