The University of Siena’s Arezzo campus brings together a community of scholars with a range of methodological approaches and research interests in various areas of education, languages, the humanities, and the social sciences. The synergies arising from this rich interdisciplinarity allows the Department to offer a wide range of training and educational programs. To meet the demands of today’s professional world and reach the educational goals of these different courses of study, the courses within each curriculum are designed so as to compliment one another without losing sight of the theoretical and methodological specificity of the individual disciplines.

The Department offers degree programs that prepare students for a range of careers in the fields of education, languages and intercultural communication, humanities and social sciences.

The Department coordinates and promotes theoretical and applied research projects aimed in particular at:
1. Improving and changing life and work styles;
2. Strengthening cultural, linguistic and professional skills in adults and professionals;
3. Studying the role of languages, technologies and the media in today’s world and in the historical development of groups and social communities;
4. Providing services to public and private organizations, administrations and professional associations in the realm of human resources development (educators, language experts, school teachers, cultural managers, trainers and middle management).